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Hi! I wanted to let you all know that our puppy (a little golden girl that we just got this weekend) is doing just fine! We have named her Ellie, and she is the sweetest thing. My little girl and all the other kids at her birthday party just went nuts when we took the lid off of the box she was in! Since then, the two have been inseparable. I am so glad that we got her, she is the perfect companion for an only child - or even if we had a dozen! She's very smart, and gentle. Though she does gnaw on my toes if I don't pet her when she wants! I can definately tell that someone has been spending time with her, and getting her used to people...or should I say spoiling her?! I want to send you a picture of her as soon as I have one, and she's so cute that you'll just have to put her on your website! Thanks for a great pet - if we ever want another we'll remember you guys.

Tammy, Lance, Ava & Ellie
Here is the picture of Bridget I've been saying I would send.  She is 8 months old and weighs 12 pounds.  I think she is full-grown.  We just love her!

This next email is concerning a little Shih-tzu female purchased from us in the fall of 2004 by a couple from Dallas, Texas. They were letting us know how the 5 hour trip home went!

--Yes we made it home around 2 am.  Funny thing, Buffy was getting antsy on the way back so we pulled off the side of the road.  She went to the bathroom.  We got back on the highway again and she started whimpering again so I pulled off again at the next exit.  She went the bathroom again.  We got back on the road and she went right to sleep.  I thought that was pretty cool letting us know she had to go to the bathroom.  The other 3 dogs are scared of her right now.  Hoping they will get use to her soon.  Britches is even running away from her.  Just wanted to thank you again for her.  My wife is really happy she has a little girl now.  She already bought Buffy a blanket and baby booties and a sweater so she doesnt get cold.

Thanks again,


We are so happy with Dixie.  She is the love of our lives.  I don't know how we functioned without her sweet little personality.  She goes everywhere with us, and is doing great!  Thank you so much for her.  Shannon


I'm not sure when you will get this email, but I was just emailing to check on Dixie. She is a doll, and so tiny!  She will be a prissy little girl, I think.

Thank you,


C and K Kennel

We just wanted to tell you how much we love our puppy!  We registered her as Rebecca's Princess Aphrodite but call her Princess.  She weighs about 3 1/2 pounds now and she is so smart.  We are attaching a picture for you.  Thanks for the joy this baby has brought to us!

We hope your family has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.
Rodney and Rebecca

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