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Merry Christmas!  See attachement for a picture of Oreo and my son, Dustin.  Oreo is almost 7 months old now.  He's doing great and is fully potty trained now.  You'll have to tell Midnight she should be a proud mom!  As you can tell by the picture, Dustin is very proud too!  Thanks so much for a wonderful puppy!

Have a blessed Christmas!
April M

Karen, thought I would let you know that "Sophie" is doing great!  She acted a little quiet Tuesday night....but come Wednesday she was ready to go!  Lucy is doing really good with her.....we have to remind her ever so often to be easy...she gets to playing a little rough, but she is doing really good!  Sophie is already barking at the cats!  So, to say the least she is in heaven!  She is sleeping in the bed with the rest of us!  So....all is well!  I will keep you updated!

I just wanted to share this picture of Hershey with you.  He is a doll and has such character.  Hershey will also be a daddy later this month and we are very excited!

Patricia Hessong

Sunday, October 30, 2005

We got "Franklin" from you a few weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you & tell you how adorable he is. He has the best personality & is so laid-back and easy-going. We have another cocker who is neither of those, so we really know how to appreciate one who is.

Just wanted you to know we are taking real good care of him and just adore him.
Texarkana, TX
Hes doing great!  We named him Franklin and hes been having fun. he sleeps alot. he slept almost the whole way back home. hes a great puppy. we love him already. i will send pictures when i get the role developed. Thank you again! hes great!
Hi Karen,
Just wanted to give you an update on the status of the pups.  We have taken them in for their first shots and stool sample readings.  Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and dewormed (even though they showed no
signs of anything).
Our boys named them Sandy for the girl (color of sand) and Boomer for the boy.
They are 13 weeks old and we've had them 6 weeks (tomorrow).  They both have GREAT personalities and are very loving.
He is docile and laid back.  She is more active and eager to play.  They tussle and knaw on each other.
It was good that we got the twins.  Sandy's head is more narrow than his and she has a taller point on the top of her head. What do you know of the more defined bump on the head?
Boomer's head is wider and his eyes are set more apart.  His body is taller and much more stout.
It's interesting watching them grow and learn.  They are getting better house trained but they still don't whine or let us know when they want to go outside.  We all have had to adjust but it's a wonderful thing.
Thank you for working hard in breeding good quality dogs.
Well keep in touch
Steve and Tammie
Chloe is doing great. She cried only when she needed to use the bathroom and then she would go back to sleep. She follows my husband all over the house. My daughter just loves her. She went to sleep last night cring for her puppy. She wanted her in the bed with her.


She's GREAT!!!  You know, I loved my other one, but I like this one much
more.  I like her personality and her looks, both.  She is more playful
(which means she chews more), but she has a perfect personality.  She is
taller, less pot-bellied and I think she will be a prettier adult dog.  She
sleeps beside my bed every night and plays outside during the day.  She goes
with me every chance she gets and seems to love sleeping in the pick-up.
Her name is Gracie Lu.  She is my perfect match. 

Thanks so much,


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