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Email received --
Hi Karen!  Hope you and your family survived the severe weather in your neck of the woods... 

On a happier note, I thought I would write you with an update on Karlie.  She turned 15 weeks this past Thursday and she's growing like a weed!  She is the sweetest, cutest little thing (but she's a booger!).  Like any puppy, she will chew anything anywhere (fingers, clothing, shoes, blankets, puppy pads, leaves, cardboard, etc...).  She's quite a challenge to keep up with at times, but we were prepared for that and wouldn't have it any other way.

Karlie has now taken 2 trips to our veterinarian, and both visits were uneventful.  She seems to be a happy, healthy little dog.  At her first visit, she weighed 2 pounds, 13 ounces.  Three weeks later, she was up to 3 pounds, 7 ounces.  Her next visit will be in about another week.  My guess is that she'll be pushing 4 1/2 pounds next time.

She is doing FANTASTIC with her housetraing for tee-tee's but hasn't quite got the knack for the other.  She's easy to predict with #1's, but her #2 habits are still very sporadic and very difficult to predict.  She seems to go anywhere from 2 to 4 hours after eating rather than the customary 10 to 20 minutes.  When she does go, she's so fast that it's hard to catch her in the act and re-direct her to the correct location.  However, with patience I'm sure she'll figure this out too.

She still hates her crate, so we've built her a play pen with her crate attached (see the picture) for when we have to be away from the house.  I stay with her each morning until 10:00.  Our pet sitter comes from 12:30 to 1:00 and then again from 3:30 to 4:00.  Terri gets home from work at 6:30, so Karlie's never alone more than 2 1/2 hours at a time.  She still wails and howls each time she's left in the play pen, but she's slowly gaining confidence that someone WILL be back to comfort and care for her.

When she's out of her play pen, she's a snuggle hound!  She loves to play on her back (kicking at the air with all 4 paws) and to sleep on her back.  Terri and I constantly call each other over to come check out the latest sleeping posture.  She is ADORABLE!  She'll throw her head back with her front paws up in the air and dangling (see the attached picture).  She also has a cute habit of covering her face with a paw while she's sleeping (see attached picture).  She has also learned (in one night) how to climb up and down the doggie stairs we placed against the couch in the den.  She can now get up and down independently.  Smart little dog!

Today was partly sunny and fairly warm, so we introduced her to the back yard for the first time.  She was a little timid at first but then became FASCINATED with the new world that just became available to her.  Terri spotted a harmless snake in the yard and freaked out, so that ended Karlie's explorations for the day.  Later in the afternoon, Karlie pawed at the sliding glass door and whined to go back out, but the sun had gone behind the clouds and Terri was still wary of the snake, so her request was declined.

The funniest thing she's done lately was yesterday morning.  Terri was in the tub and Karlie wanted to see exactly what her mother was doing.  So....  she climbed up on one side of tub (it's a big garden tub with a platform around the rim) but got a little too close and fell in with Terri (no pictures here)!  It hurt her pride a little but nothing else!  However, I doubt she'll get too close to the tub again.  No more voluntary baths as far as she's concerned.

In case you can't tell, we absolutely adore this little dog.  She's a handful but worth every bit of it.  Terri and I just smile at each other because we know that we were led to you and Karlie for a reason!  Thank you for helping to bring her into the world and into our lives.  We are very thankful for the opportunity we've been given.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Warm Regards,


Brooke sleeping.Brooke sleeping (again). 

Email we recieved:
Hi Karen - She is doing great.... I named her Megan and she and my other
four year old female, Molly are great friends.  They play together and
have a great time.  I am very glad that I got her.  :)


Sunday, Feb. 11  email:

She is doing wonderfully. Matt has named her Lucy and he loves her so much already. Thank you so much for asking and I will be sure to send anyone I know needing a pet to you, you guys do such a great job and we absolutely love her!
Thanks again!

email received:
I wanted to give you an update on the cocker spaniel puppy I purchased from
you last July. Honey is such a doll and gets along great with our chocolate
lab. She has the cutest personality and is by far the most beautiful cocker
I have ever seen. Thank you so much for taking such pride in what you do. We
are very pleased.

Liz S

Email received-
Thanks so much for selling us this wonderful dog!  We absolutly love him!  He has grown to a whoppin 10 lbs.  We have enclosed a picture of what he looks like now.  Thanks again!  Jeff & Sharon J in Shore Acres, TX

Email reveived from  Nancy--
CJ is going great.  He got checked by the vet today and got a clean bill of
health.  He mostly slept on the way home and walked into the house as if he
owned the place.  Not frightened at all.  My cat had to hiss at him a few
times, but now he gives her the right of way.  My poor old cockapoo, I
think, would like to send CJ back.  She is old and moves slowly and also has
problems seeing.  A great target for a young pup.  Spend a lot of time
acting as a referee between them.  Since yesterday afternoon, every time CJ
goes out, he has done his business.  Unfortunately, he still does it in the
house, but it has only been a couple of days.  Still working on leash
etiquette.  He is great at night.  I bring his crate into the bedroom and he
whines while I get ready for bed, but once the lights go out he is nice and
quiet.  I did wake up a couple of times Sat night to the sound of newspaper
being shredded or CJ gnawing on the crate bars.  All in all, he is a keeper

email received--
She is doing great!!! I hope you are not offended ,but I changed her name to Karlie which means tiny and feminine in German.  She is so smart! She is already using the puppy pads on her own! We took her to the Vet on Monday and she got a clean bill of health(as expected) and he updated her shots so she can stay on schedule. Karen, we really think she is a gift from God. We are so happy to have her and she seems very happy to be here. I have worked from home all week so we could bond and we are having a wonderful time together. She is just precious! It has been 16 years since I have had a baby in the house and I had forgotten how much fun it is. Thank you for sending her our way and for checking in.

Email -
Hi karen:

Thank you so much for bringing "Brandi" Jazzy into our lives. She is a doll.
So sweet and playful. She's a very good girl and I think she already feels
right at home here. Take care. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

Cheryl Hilser & Family

email received: 

Thank you Karen.  These 2 pups are so wonderful.  Troy is the most elegant one, and a much softer dog than most-but he is sweet and loving.  Angel is typical Sheltie-You must be very proud to have bred them.  We love them so much and they rule the roost around here.  They pups get along with Roman beautifully-(Roman is a miniature schnauzer) and he enjoys them too. 
We had a lovely thanksgiving. 
Ann, Larry, Roman, Angel and Troy.


Hi Karen-

I thought you might like to see a picture of my loving puppy. He is 9 months
old now and full grown at 30 pounds.. I do not know what my life would be
like without him He has the most loving personality and really knows how to
get what he wants out of me. I cant resist that face of his. Please find
attached some pictures

Jessica H

``Email ``
We are all enjoying the new puppy, the ride home was great, she did really good.  Her first night in her new home was great, of course lots of love and company for her. 
She went righ to sleep, and has really adjusted great, better than any other puppy we have had. 
She is really a precious puppy, I will be in touch.

email --
She is doing really well and is soooo cute!!!! As soon as we can we will
send u some pics! We named her Maggie and she now knows her new name :)
Still hasn't mastered her house training, but we know that will come. She
comes out w/ my kiddies and me for the bus in the morning and waits for them
to return in the afternoon. The bus driver loves her!!!! I thought I had my
mom's neighbor (an old friend of mine) interested in Douglas, but I think
money is really tight for them right now... Hey they may be interested in a
future litter you never know. Hope all is well and we will keep an eye out
for the paper work. Take care and keep in touch,

 4:52PM (email)
Wanted to hello and let you know that Lucy Belle and Sophie Bug are doing just great.  They are just the best two sisters!  Sophie will be 1 10/1!  Can you believe that!  Lucy will be 4 in December! 
On a different note, my parents' yorkie died a couple of weeks ago and we are all so sad, especially them.  They were so was really good for them.  Anyway, I was wondering if you have any older puppies - like a shih tzu, lhasa or mix?  I think their temperment is so good and all unless you have another suggestion.  Now, I can't pay a large, I was just hoping you might have something.
I just took a picture of the "girls" - I will try and send you a copy when I get it developed!
email -
Just wanted to let you know how Coco is doing.  He loves our cat Sam and seems to be getting along with our other cocker spaniel, Callie.  He is very loving.  We are still working on the housebreaking.  He has finally figured out how to get in and out of the dog door, but hasn't quite realized that's when he needs to do his business.  At least he is restricing his accidents to the kitchen floor which is much easier to deal with.  We have put down the pads for him to use and he generally uses them.  I'm hoping to get him to use  the outdoors soon.  I've been off  work with a back injury, so I'm able to spend more time working on this.  We love him already.   I put a step stool by the bed so he can sleep with us.  Callie has always slept with us and Coco is very good at night.  He had no accident in bed and he and Callie don't fight in bed.  Thanks so much for bringing him into our lives.  I don 't even know if I told you when we got him that our other spaniel, Buster, had just died.  He was  13 years old and we were and are still grieving for him.  Having Coco has made this easier, so thanks again.
Mandy Jackson

Email received on Sunday June 25
from: Mary & Herman Nel (South Africa)
Date: 06/25/06
Message: We got our little Scnauzer from you, she is now 2years 2months.What a joy.After putting 4 dogs down of age, I said never again.To much pain.But I cannot imagine our lives without Tasha. THANKS

Sunday @  9:03 p.m.

    Just thought I'd let you know how the pup is doing.  She is wonderful.
We named her Sasha.  She is such a little ball of energy.  She is really
very smart too.  I've sent a pic also.  Thanks again.  Mary Holland

Hi Karen,Just wanted to let you know Buttons is doing great.Her & Joey get along great!! Joey gives her one lick and she doesn't need a bath!! They really are a comedy act together!! You were right.She really is a spaz! I decided to name her Kaos(like "CHAOS",only with a K instead of a ch).Well I'm going to bed now 'cause I'll be up early tomorrow,to tend to my new daughter!! I'll try to send some pictures again.Take Care,Mike & Angie

She is a doll, a little shy the first afternoon. Now she bounces around the house exploring everything. She tries to jump on the couch thinking someone is there to hold her. She is using piddle pads!! Loves to hide under our rocker. We have to look for her before we sit. She is so tiny she can hide anywhere. I guess you can tell we love her.

Hi Karen,
I took Yogi(Harry) in for his vet checkup and he passed with flying
colors. He goes back on April 3rd for a worm test on his stool and his
shot. He doing very well and lets us know when we are not giving him
our full attention. I have attached some recent photos.
Kim and Jeff Keener



I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the puppy is doing great. We took her and Buddy to get their shots together. She weighed 3lbs and Buddy weighed 23lbs.. She has taken quick a liking to Buddy, they play really well together.. We have laughed and laughed at them.. We can tell that Buddy tries to play easy with her and it's really cute..

I had Kadin in the front yard trying to get her to do her business and I had a gentleman stopped and ask where I got her - I gave him your web site so you may be hearing from someone else from Crossett..

Anyway I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know she is doing well and we really appreciate you for all you have done so we could get her..

Thanks again,

Theresa B

Hi Karen,
He is getting along great and has socialized well with Kim's Parents'
Wire Fox along with our neighbors 2 dogs(Mini Dauschand and Chiuaua)!
We have him on a teething bone which has eliminated the biting issue
for the most part and he hasn't attempted to chew on shoes etc..  His
name is now Yogi after the baseball player from the Yankees Yogi
Berra. He loves to play for hours on end but when he goes to sleep he
is out for the whole night. We know when he wakes up with his
whimpering but that usually means that he needs to go outside to do
his business which he has been doing on a regular basis. We will send
some photos shortly.
Jeff & Kim

Rose is doing very well, I didn't take her to the vet this weekend, we had a foot and a half of snow and it was too bad to have her on the road.  I did make an appointment for the 25th for her shots and a check up at our vet's. 
She is still on Arkansas time and gets up at 4 am to eat and go out to do her business.  I feel for her because the snow is so deep and it is really cold at that time of morning.  We usually get another hours sleep before I get up to feed her and get ready to go to work.  Elijah, my son has been home with her during the day and he puppy sits for me, I don't think he is as diligent about taking her  out for housebreaking routine, but we are getting there regardless. 
 She is asleep in her bed in the corner, but as soon as I have my shower I will throw her in my bed and she will sleep the
night away.  She has been a blessing and I think she will be happy here with us.  She sleeps with her mouth open and
is content to sit with you as long as you provide a raw hide strip for her to chew.
Hope your other pup made her trip to NY ok and is as content as her travel companion.
Thanks for asking about her, and hope all is well with you and yours.
PS:  That Eukanuba must be great, she never begs, but I think she could be a Scotch hound, she is genuinely interested every time I have one.


It's Hayden.

We purchased the little chocolate male cocker spaniel from you a few months ago. He's been doing great and growing so much, so i just thought I'd send you a picture of him. He's very sweet and affectionate. He's also very smart. He loves his "newspaper" squeaky toy. and he loves for us to throw it to him, and he catches it and brings it right back to us. He's a great dog. so i just thought i'd show you a picture. :)

Comments:  I have one of your shar-pei's sadies black female.  She is so wonderfull I love her so much, but I would like to have a fawn male maybe you could help me with this .All my friends want one just like jade that is what I named her.  She is beutiful, I'll send a picture of her you will be delited just perfect.


Just thought you might want an update on little Miss Sophie!  She is full of herself that is for sure!  This "quiet puppy" is FAR from that!  She barks and chases the cats - barks when her food is being fixed and barks when she not getting the attention she so well deserves!  She and Lucy have become great companions in a short period of time.  She is definitely a "snuggle bunny".  She gives us equal time - unlike Lucy....She is not afraid of anything or anybody - except the dark!  She is probably twice the size she was when we got her.....  So, as you can tell, she has definitely become part of the family.  Thanks for everything!  Let me know if you hear of any flea markets in the area that might be good ones! 
Sharon S
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