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Hello! We got Callie from you two years ago in January, and we

wanted to send you some photos of what she's been up to. Callie

is a super smart, loving and energetic dog, who has totally

changed our lives for the better!

Thanks very much,

David and Lisa

*Email --

Hi Karen,
Here is a picture of Ziva, all 3.2 pounds of her. She got a great report at my vet on Thursday:
no worms or fleas. She didn't even flinch at the shot. Everyone there loved her. We are in
love💕❤️💕with her!! She sleeps all night from 10:30 to 5:30 or later. She goes out regularly
for potty. She's quite smart/she sits like in the picture, for a treat. Thank you so much for
our sweet baby!


Hey there just updating you on how my pup is doing. I ended up naming him Rocky and he is doing wonderfully.
His intelligence and temperament are second to none. He has taken to all of his training like a fish to water and
is already sitting, laying down, staying and getting into the healing position on command. He has also been tought
door manners and will not go through the door without being instructed to. He is BIG. 35 lbs alread despite my very
strict portion control. He is eating what he should but nothing over that, as I don't want him to grow to fast and
effect his joints per my vets advice. Dr Harvey at All Animal Veterinary Hospital in Atoka did an excellent job clipping
his ears and I would have no problem recommending her. They have a beautiful shape. She herself keeps Dobermans
and has great knowledge of the breed so you can pass that along with confidence. She had a gorgious red Dobi of her
own walking around the clinic and she also seemed eager to kidnap Rocky from me hahaha. Both her and my normal
vet are very impressed with Rocky in every way. I attached a picture I took today. His ears were clipped right at 13
weeks and I took off the vets wrap job after a few days and just let them air out and heal. I did his first wrap since then
today myself after a lot of studying diferent methods and think it came out very well. Rocky doesn't seemed bothered by
it at all so I'll take that as a job well done.

Take care,



Happy Saturday!!! Lexi is doing amazing. As you can see, one ear has popped up 
and one hasn't. I don't think the other one is going to pop up. I secretly hope it
doesn't because it just fits her personality so well!!! She is so precious!!!



Oakley is doing well!  Had to be in a cast three weeks but is running around like nothing
happened!!  She is a spunky thing.  I am about to take her to a Dog Daycare half a day
twice a week so maybe she will learn not to bite so hard!  We love her little crazy self
though!  This pic of Chandler (big one ) and Homer came up on my Facebook memories



Just a quick note to let you know the pup is doing great. He's a very confident pup
and doesn't seem to get nervous about anything. He is adjusting well and bonding
nicely with everyone in the family. We decided to name him Rocky in memory of a
wonderful Dobi that watched over my wife when she was a small child. Take care.

Thank you,


~Email -
Jake... now Sniper loves his new home!!! He is just a joy! Thank you soo much!
I included a few pictures! He's just so cute! And he is catching on very quickly
to potty training! 

~Email ~
I just wanted to say thank you for the snorkie you adopted to us
yesterday. You have great prices & very cute puppies.
It's very hard to find a puppy for $ anymore. There were several
yesterday that were $800+ & without you having great prices we
wouldn't have been able to adopt one. He has been the best little
thing. He has only went potty in the house 1 time & that was in
his kennel. Other than that he has went outside everytime we take
him. When we put him in the kennel for bed in our room I expected
him to cry a little or even all night, but not once did he. I checked
on him all night like a baby just to make sure he was breathing &
he was out like a light. This morning when we woke up he was
sitting up waggin his little bitty tail. We have named him Johnny
Cash but we call him Cash for short. I have attached 2 pics of him
from this morning when I woke him from his nap. He is a blessing
to our family & I can't say thank you enough.
Misti B
Just wanted you to know that we settled on Owen for a name. 
He is the sweetest, most well-behaved puppy ever!  His new
name really seems to suit him and he is coming when you
call him.  He is pretty much all house trained now...that was
a breeze!
We just love him.  I'll send you some pictures soon.
Take care!

We received the papers.
Our puppy is such a joy! We called her Ginger.  She stays in her kennel all night and knows when
to go outside to potty.  When she wakes up she is full of energy, the kids run around with her in the
house.  Occasionally we have to remind her not to bite our shoes or pants while we walk, we always
redirect her to her chew toy.
She is very observant and learns quickly, I know she must have come from a good home base.

Well, I just wanted to share these thoughts with you. And thanks again for introducing our family to

Grace H
That is fine.   He is doing absolutely terrific and spoiled!!!   He has
become quite bold in chasing the 13 pound cat and 100 pound lab.     He
loves to sleep especially wrapped up in a blanket and in someone's arms.

Thanks again!

Just wanted to ask you one last question.  What is it that you put on your puppies that make them smell so good. 

We just love our new puppy. She is having a ball with the cats.  They are bigger than her but that does not matter. 
They just lay down and she jumps right in the middle of them.  Thanks again.

Ora Lee
email ----
Hello from minnesota just writting to let you know that paisley is doing
great she had her second vet visit today and she has gained 12 ounces shes
getting big but shes still a small girl with a sassy attitude haha she has
deffinantly changed our lives for the better and don't know what we would do
with out her, we are already talking about when we should get her a little
friend :)
Hi Karen---I have been very busy and haven't checked my e-mail for a few days. 
We are having warmer weather.  It is still freezing at night and getting up to 40
degrees in the daytime.  This makes horrible ice conditions.  I have been
chopping ice  and pumping water so that as it melts I will not have a flood. 
Thankfully most of my lot is on a slant and a good bit of it runs off.  We had
quite a few record snowfalls and cold temperatures this year, therefore it is a
good year for a lot of ice.
Mandi is adjusting really well---Beckye is still not quite sure what that little bundle
of energy is, but they are getting better acquainted.  They sit on the couch with me
--one on each side--and sniff each other regularly.
I'm still not doing a good job of potty training Mandi---but I am getting better.  I
figure I will be trained completely in a couple of weeks.  I still have not taken Mandi
out to play in the snow, but will soon and will get some pictures.  Right now she
is sitting under my feet (chewing her bone).  I found a small ball (with a squeak
in it) that Beckye and Sammye had when they were little---she has claimed it
as hers!!!  And she loves it!!!
I haven't sent in the paperwork for Mandi.  They want a name.  I haven't decided on
a full name to give her.  I thought of something like Midnight Mandi  or Mandi
Midnight Princess
but am not sure if that is good enough for such a special dog.
Hope you guys are doing OK---no more tornadors!!!!!!   Keep  in touch and I will
up-date you on Mandi.
Anchorage, Alaska

Zoey is adjusting well to her new home. We love her. She got a new collar, jacket and sunglasses she is ready to go out on the town. The first two days we had her one of her ears floped down as you can see in the picture, but now they both stand up. we took her outside for the first time Sunday she is still not to sure of the outdoors but we are working our way there slowly. I will send you more pictures & updates soon. Thank you so much for being in the dog business Zoey is a blessing.

Amie M

This is a picture, hopefully you will get it, that our daughter
Lindsey took of Sophie.  She sent it to our local newspaper.
They were having a "Day in the Life of Garfield County". 
Everyone took pictures on Sept 6th and sent them to the
paper.  Lindsey took this one of Sophie and sent it in. 
They called right away and said that they were going to
use it.  They put it on the cover!  Just thought you might
like to see it.
We have been thinking about another puppy like Sophie,
so we'll let you know when we are ready.
Hope all is well with you and the hurricane wasn't too
bad for you.
Best wishes,
Susie and Jerry C
Just wanted to let you know Sugar was wonderful on the drive home.  She's fitting in nicely at home and has taken to chasing Angel's tail and barking at her when she wants to play.  She's already found a comfy spot to sleep (as close to me as she can possibly get).  Josh is loving the pics that I sent and wants me to share his thanks for this little Sugar baby.

email received:
 karen! i hadn't send pictures in a while and i figured it was about time. deucer weighs in at 125 pounds now and he
is 10 months old today. giselle weighs 8 pounds and she is just as prissy as ever! if you have time sometime i would
like you to send me pictures of both puppies mom and dad. also i see that you are going to have a possible new
liter of mastiffs in january...we are possibly wanting a female and i would love to see pictures! well, keep us informed.
brooke & brad


~email ~~
Dear Karen,
Here are three photos of Oliver Cole taken late this afternoon
after returning from his groomer.  No one grooms him as well
as you did.  Notice he's grown quite a bit.
I hope you and your family are well and happy, as you've made
Ann and me very happy by sending us your Cole......... 
We just love him!!
Talk again soon,
Thank you Karen. Here are some pics of our puppy "Tristin". He is doing great
and we absolutely love him. He is very spoiled already!


Just thought I'd send these along to you......
I'm sure Oliver Cole will look much better after his grooming.
By the way, our Vet says he is healthy and he allows her to do anything during his exam.
Our Vet mentioned neutering, but Ann and I are a little apprehensive about it.  We don't want to put him through any surgery unless it is in HIS best interests.  Please send me your thoughts on the idea of neutering. 
~~Friday Agust 10~~
hi karen:
it's brooke . we purchased a lhasapoo and english mastiff from you and took them home the first week of april. we are happy to report they are both doing wonderfully and growing like weeds. they are the cutest brother and sister! giselle is now 7 pounds and deucer is a whopping 65 pounds. both are the most friendly and loveable dogs ever! thank you so very much for blessing us with the 2 most adorable puppy children ever.
brooke and brad

--Wed, August 8--

Dear Karen,
We thought we'd send you an update on your "Cole."  He is still cute as can be.  The pictures attached were taken by me and I have only a very little experience taking pictures.  I promise the next pictures I send will be much better as I learn to use this new camera.
The Vet tells us that 'Cole' is healthy.  He's had some shots and will be getting his rabies shot next week.
He can be so calm and lovable and also be a little terror.  We love him!
We are so very pleased to have found you on the Internet and we brag to all our friends about how well you treated us.
Hope you enjoy the photos....
Regards, Peter

What a wonderful experience buying my Petey was because of Karen. She is honest, helpful, and friendly. Everything I was worried about she addressed with such reassurance. Any question or concern was welcomed and quickly responded to. I would recommend buying a dog from Karen to anyone I meet. My dog was shipped to me via Continental, which has a tempature controlled enviroment for animals. He was a little nervous when he arrived, but soon he was licking me to death. This loveable puppy was just as Karen described him. Although I was very nervous about buying a puppy sight unseen I would now recommend doing so with Karen!      Leslie

Email received ~~

I thought I'd send you three of our favorite pictures of Cole taken at our home in Rhode Island.  We'll be sure to send you more when he grows a bit.
I wanted to assure you that Cole is happy and comfortable with us.
We have a Vet appointment on Friday (tomorrow), as you advised.
Thank you so very much for your kindness.

Email received-
Comments:  We bought the best dog in the world from you and want to get another one but a female boston terrier this time.
Thanks Laurie

 Email received:

wanted to let you know very satisfed with puppy we named him tigger because he bounces instead of runs he is getting along well with my peke pom they really tear up the house Thanks Pam

Email received:
Here's Jasper at 16 months old.  WE took a 4th of july picture for a pet contest at our local pet store.  Jasper is doing great!  He is a fabulous very friendly dog.  Very playfull, very socialble.  He loves everything and everybody!! 

Cara D


 Saturday, July 14~~
email: I am sending you two of my most favorite pics of McKenzie.  It's hard to believe that she will be two years old in November.  I Love Her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!  I was wondering if you had any more pics of her Mommy and Daddy that you could e-mail to me for her baby book?  I know that sounds stupid but, YES, she has a baby book.

I am looking for another baby.  A dobergirl preferably for McKenzie to help me raise, she needs another friend too.
Hope all is well for you and your family...Take Care!
Marcia & Kenz

~~Email ~~

He is doing great!  We named him Jack, after MUCH debate... he he.  He's on the verge of being potty trained which is good, just a few accidents since he's been here.  We have a little spot set up for him in our room for him at night, he does very well there.  He's such a joy.  My daughter has a blast with him.  She's been getting into a little trouble over him but I guess that's to be expected.  She thinks he should be by her side at all times!!  We are so happy to have him in our family.
Thanks again,
Kelsey C
~~email received~~
'Cooper' is doing fine.   I think he's going to be easy to train.   Was there a paper that Sandra filled out that you need?  We thought we may have gotten off with something you were supposed to keep.  Let me know. Hope ya'll had a great 4th!!  Thanks for the puppy.   gene

Email received:

He is doing well.  We named him Hank and he is a mess, but he is a sweety.   When we got him home he made himself at home. I will try to let you know how he is doing , and send a picture.  Thanks Gene 

**Email received:

Hey Karen!
Just wanted to let you know that Allie is doing great!  We can't imagine life without her!  I was also wondering if the goldendoodle Sampson that you have pictures of in your testimonials section is Allie's brother.  He looks just like her!  Allie just turned 1 on Sunday and weighs around 55 pounds. She has been such a wonderful dog and we love her lots!  Here are some pictures of her.
Melissa H


Email received:
Greetings from Troy & Angel in Texas
Well,  I just wanted to update you about what's going on here in Texas.  The 2 of us have the life with this family that purchased us from you.
Loving, sweet and most of all, we have come to the head of the class.  Our morning begins about 6:30 A.M. right now as Mom & Dad have to go to Dallas for radiation treatments.  Dad has cancer on his voice box.  So Mom opens the door to our humble abode (dog crate) and lets us outside.  Then she fixes us some breakfast.  Next Roman,  our    companion comes out to play after he eats his breatkfast inside-that's cause Sister (Angel) or Roman run us away so he can get more to eat.  Then Mom & Dad leave for Dallas.  We have a kennel run with a house in it for us if we want or need to be protected from the elements.  Usually in 2 to 3 hours they come home and let us inside the house to greae tem and play awhile.  Well, afternoon rolls around and Momma Ann usually always takes a nap-Dad reads his paper or gets on the computer.  We then get to play with our toys or take a nap also. 
After that, Mom puts us outside to feed us our evening meal.  We stay outside for a little while, while they eat their dinner also.
Usually about 6:30 P.M. we come back inside the house to play and then back outside til around 9:oo P.M.
By this time we're about ready for bed but Mom & Dad only has to ask "Is anyone ready for bed. We had finally approaced that magic time to go to sleep and was already out like a light awaiting one of them to ask us that magic question?  Is anyone read for bed or want to get in your pen?  Our little heads pop right up and we proceed to go to our crate (Poppa Larry call is "a pen).  And then its lights out for us til in the morning.  We sleep all thru the night and don't try to disturb anybody, even tho they stay up quite late.  Dad watches tv all the time, but Mom only watches certain shows-so we don't want to disturbe them.  Next morning Mom gets up early to let brother Roman out to potty very early.  Usually she goes back to bed til about 6:30AM.  Then she lets us out and fixes our breakfast.  They go off to Dallas and when they return we are welcomed into the house for playtime.  We have been told by our Mom & Dad how very smart we are.  We just played copy cat like things they tell us to do and they get so excited.  Mom says we're the smartest 2 Shelties she's ever had.  Not that hers wasnm't smart, cause the ones she trained and showed had conformation or obedience tittles e it when they like the stuff we do.
Last week Mom & Dad took us to our doctor to update us on  our shots and look us over.  Vet says we are very healthy.  He made to  said m that I (Angel) have beautiful healthy teeth.  Mom proceed to tell the Vet that Troy had the longest tongue, whiskers, penis and largest testicles she had ever seen on a Sheltie my size (I weight under 18 pounds, & sister Angel weights over 20#'s)
We have learned to give kisses when they ask us too.  Dad will point to the side of his face and we'll kiss him, then he turns his head and points to the other check and we kiss him again, and then points to his chin for a kiss there.  They didn't teach us any of this stuff.  It was just doing it every day we got use to that like we did going to our pen every night.  There's tons more stuff we've  learned to do and we all enjoy every bit of it.
Anyway, I'll close this up for now.  Love from Troy (Bubba) and Angel (Sister) and my folks,
Bubba & Angel

Email received:

She was worth waiting for..feel free to use me as a reference and I will be sure to send people your way.
She's a neck very sweet.
She was shaking a little the morning because it was a little chilly but she does not appear to high strung at all.
Take care.


Ii just wanted to send you a quick update on our beautiful girl.  She is up to 35 lbs now and is just a ton a fun and spoiled rotten.  She has her favorite spot everywhere we walk in the house, that is at my feet.  She has one bad habbit that is to CHEW CHEW CHEW so we try to keep her toys on hand everywhere lol.  Attached is a picture of her doing what she does best..relax.  This is normally how I find her sleeping..shes a strange creature LOL.  She usually falls asleep when we are rubbing her belly.


Email received:
Hi Karen,
The puppy (Chipper) is doing well.  At his last visit to the vet he was 2.9 lbs.  He is very active and a bal of energy.  He does not seem to know that he is not as big as his new sisters.  Or, my shoe for that matter.  I have been wondering about the papers. 
Wade N
**Email received:
Hi.  I was just looking on your website at all of the pictures of the puppies and thought I would send you a few.  We got a goldendoodle named Sampson from y'all last September.  He is the best dog ever and we love having him!  He is definitely a part of our family and spoiled rotten!  He is so well behaved and good nature and super smart.  He has learned a lot fast!  I couldnt' have imagined how quickly he would learn everything.    I teach 1st grade and my kids all love him and he loves coming to see them!  I didn't think that he would love having 22 kids swarming him, but he did!   I've attached a few of my favorites. 
Krista M
Email received :
Just thought I would tell you that everything is going great! She is a very loving and playful pup. She is well loved by the family. Her name is Maggie Mae. She is truly a little doll.

Email received :

Here is our Baby Chandler!  We bought him at the Expo Center from you almost 2 years ago.  You may remember my husband was the one that was worried about him getting a long with our boxers.  Well, they are all great friends!  My one year old loves Chandler and calls him Baby.  Chandler is very good with him!


Email received:

Hi Karen
Everything is going well with the new puppy.She did miss her girls for a while,when she would here girls voices on the TV she would look up and look around like , " where are my girls"? We named her Sophie.She is doing a good job of training us as to her special puppy needs.She annoys our old dog but the old dog is pretty tolerant of her,only puts her in her place when it comes to food.
Thanks for everything talk to you later with another up date.Jerry
I just wanted to let you know that Lucy is doing so well. She is the best puppy we ever had. Ever since we got her home she has been happy and healthy and she is growing into a beautiful dog. We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience and the chance to add this great new member of our family. Thanks again!

Email received-
Hi Karen.  Hope you and your family are doing well.  As you can see, Terri couldn't resist buying an Easter dress for Karlie.  She looked pretty darn cute in it, but she was not a happy camper.  Once it came off, she let us know how she really felt about the dress...

We are currently planning to have Karlie spayed on Thursday, 3-MAY-2007.  By doing it on Thursday,  Terri and I can be with her over the weekend as she recovers.  We're not looking forward to it, but we have complete faith in Dr. Brown (the same vet that spayed Kiesha and treated her for 16 years).  I'll keep you posted on Karlie's progress.

Best Wishes and Happy Easter!


Email received -
Hello, I bought a Shar-Pei from you in April 2005.
He was from Chyna's litter I believe. Just thought
I'd send you a picture of him. He is such a big part
of our family. He is an excellent watch dog and he
is very loving towards us. Everyone that comes
over comments on how beautiful he is and they
are amazed. Thank you again! April Elledge.

Email received-
Comments:  I wanted to thank you so much for our little male snorkie. We named him coby and he is a darling.  He was so calm and quiet for the first couple of weeks, but he has now come into his own and he rules the roost.  The vet and staff just can not get enough of him, they fawn all over him.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.  Tonya D


Email received :
Comments:  We love our snorkie!! Kelsey named him Keifer.  He is potty training well and loves to take off running with Kelseys clothes when she leaves them in the floor. He is such a joy, and our cat is slowly getting used to him.  We will keep you updated!! The Higginbottoms


Email received--
He is absolutely wonderful,  he slept all night last night and his crate was dry this morning.  With diligent watching he hasn't had one accident.   He is eating good.  He is getting along great with Maci , the rat terrier.  The cat  just loves watching him.  Thanks again.   
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