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C and K Kennel:
Sorry about the blank email ~~
I would like to get some information on two of your breeds, the Golden Retrievers and Mini. Dachshunds.
We just had our annual fundraiser in Longview where we auctioned off three of your puppies and I'm pleased to say all three families are thrilled with the puppies.  (Loretta Ward was our contact and has had nothing but good things to say about you and your kennel).  
Our lab passed away in March and we are entertaining the idea of getting another dog.
We are interested in the prices of a female Retriever and Dachshund.
As you can tell we're going from one extreme to the other regarding size..  I'm curious about both breeds..
While I feel I know about the Retrievers, do the Dachshunds get along w/other dogs
and "strangers"?  and do both travel well?
I will say the thing that impressed all of us the night of the fundraiser was how "laid back" all three puppies were, I think that really "sold" a number of people.   So, I guess we're not wanting a hyper dog.
Any info. you can give us would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Susan Shea

Friday August 12, 2005

I am sending these folks to you for some of your precious babies for their fund raiser.  They heard about the success of my son's school fund raiser with the puppies and want to use the puppies at their up coming event.   My little black girl is the light of my life, I even named her Sunshine.  She continues to make me smile daily.  The other two puppies got great homes too.  I talk to the owners and they are very pleased with them both. 

Thanks for your help.


Hope you enjoy this picture of Chloe.  We have sure enjoyed Her and looking forward to see pictures of( AJ )The Cairn Terrier.
Bill and Sherry

     I bought a jack russel puppy from you at the canton sale and just love him. Hes is a hoot thats for sure and were 110% happy with the little guy. I was hoping you would be having some more soon or could direct me into the direction of someone who does. I would love to have a broke or rough coat but that doesnt really matter but I do prefer the shorter/stockier version like the dog we got from you.  Thanks for any info and ill get you some pictures of scout  sent to you!!!! have a great day

                                                                          James Commander

Thank you for the responding.  My parents were on vacation last week and just decided to contact the kennel and drive up, they ended up coming home with one of the female snorkies.  I have not seen her yet, but they say she is salt and pepper, matter of fact they named her Pepper.  Well, I spoke to my mom this morning and they are absolutely loving her and her company.  Thanks again.


I bought a male irsh puddin jack russell terrier from you a couple months ago. We are 110% happy with him and people everywhere have asked if we were going to stud him so ive decided i would get 1 female and breed her and raise a few puppies.Mainly for family. My question is, he is registered CKC through yall, and the bitch that I have bought is JRTCA. Before i breed them I was to be sure i can register the puppies. Him being ckc and her jrtca...what should I do. thanks again for any info.


Hi this is Melinda. Sayde is doing very well. We are enjoying her so much. She is very playful and very loving. She is getting very spoiled.

I am also sending you a picture of the boys and Sayde. I figure I could send you one of her while she is little and another later when she is bigger. Anyways is was great hearing from you. Hope you all have a very nice summer.

Thanks again for everything,

Melinda :-)

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