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We LOVE Milo!

He is a wonderful, loving puppy.  The boys play with him constantly and Jaci wants to hold him all the time.  Thank you so much!!


Thursday, October 6, 2005

He is just wonderful.  I named him Maddox.  He's such a sweetie.  My mom wasn't too fond of him when I brought him over to their house because he humped her shitzu.  lol  But she loves him now too.  He's sleeping in my lap as I type away @ the computer.  Do his papers have his birthday on them?  I took him to a pee-wee football game tonight & he got a little chilled.  I stuck him down in my jacket & he fell right asleep.  Later as it got cooler, I came home and got him his little sweater I bought for him and he was fine then.  Anyway.  Thank you very much!  I just adore him.  So do everyone else that has met him.  He's a gem!


July 14, 2005


We did name the puppy Libby.  She is doing great.  I think she's already
spoiled!!!!  She's a good fit for our family.  She didn't whine much last
night and is doing very well with her potty training.  We've only had a few
small messes.  That might be because the girls haven't left her side since
we got her Monday!!  McKenzie has figured out when Libby needs to go outside
and just scoops her up and takes her outside.  Thank you again for


Hey, this is elizabeth. i bought the sable female puppie from you about a month ago i am writing to remind u to send me some pics of her parents . she is a doll she thinks she is queen bee we named her breezey.
We just got back in town from camping.  Sorry I haven't checked my email for over a week.  Libby is doing just fine!!  The girls really enjoyed taking her camping with us.  I did receive the papers.  Do I need to do anything else with it, or can I just put them up?

We do know someone who is wanting a puppy like ours, but I'm not sure if they will actually go through with buying one.  I will remember your name and web address to give to anyone who is interested.

Thank you,

Hello Karen,

Wanted to let you know how Goliath is doing. He is wonderful-he knows how to sit-stay-come and shake on command. He is very smart(i'm not saying that just cause he's my baby)-he is very smart. He went to the vet today-he weighs 40lbs-he is 16wks and 3 days old. He is beautiful and a joy-he is spoiled rotten-of course-but our pride and joy. I will send you pictures soon-everywhere we go he is the center of attention. Our mailman has started taking his lunch breaks on our side of the street just to watch him. We have had several people stop to ask what breed he is and where we got him. Anyway just wanted to let you know how he's doing.

Thanks a million-proud parents of Goliath----
Linda & Jimmie

July 14, 2005

Karen , Thought you might like to see a picture of the Mastiff we lost that we got from ya'll in 2004 , we sure do miss him .

May 2005:

Comments:  I just wanted to tell you that Tucker has been a joy to us. He loves to be cuddled and sleeps with us at night.After we lost our other mini ,I didn't think I would get another one, but I'm glad that I did.I will send photos later as he grows.


Teresa McCaskill

The last of April '05, Loretta got three puppies from us for a benefit auction for a special school in Longview Texas for disabled children. The following emails are conerning them:

Oh my Gosh   I LOVE them all. How will I ever get rid of them,  The little girl has stolen my heart,  She slept on me two nights in a row and yeps if I get out of her sight.  I hope I can get her at the auction but if I do not I may have to have one soon,  I am so glad that you all brought these precious spirits into my life,  I hope that you had a great sale this weekend. Thanks   I will get you know how the auction turns out,


THE PUPPIES WERE SUCH A HIT.  THEY MADE THE MOST MONEY OF ANYTHING THERE.  They got good homes.  I love my sweet baby.  She is so loving.  Thanks for picking out some good little guys for me.  I think you will have some sales from the event.  One doctors wife wants a female golden and I gave her your information and several women got your name who organize the heart ball.  They loved the puppy idea.  People loved and held on to them all night.  You do not realize how much love a puppy can give.  Thanks again you all do such a good job with your animals its was great to find you.  



I purchased the most beautiful chocolate English Cocker Spaniel at our school auction the other night from your kennel.  Loretta Ward received him from you for our auction (for our school for learning difference children).  We named him Winston, after Winston Churchill who was dyslexic.  Not only is he beautiful, but at 3 months he is also almost housebroken.  Every time we take him out he knows exactly what to do.  He slept through the first two nights without a whimper, and he is the most laid back puppy I have ever seen! Even in the midst of an auction with dinner for 150 people, he never barked and let everyone pass him around!  I'm charging my camera and will send a photo later this week.

Thank you so much!

Cindy Pittmon

I will see Loretta at the school tomorrow for our follow up meeting to the auction and will get the paperwork then.

Winston is adorable.  He sleeps in a dog bed in our bedroom.  He has awakened between 5 and 6 the last 3 nights and comes to my side of the bed and paws on the mattress. I get up and take him out to do his business and he goes right back to bed.  This morning he came back and whimpered and I told him to go back to bed and he did!

Our golden lab mix and Yorkie are still a bit frightened of him.  Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family!


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