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Mini Dachshund
Mini Schnauzer
 Snorkie(a Mini Schnauzer/Yorkie Cross) 

New litter-1 male (silver), ready 10/15.
CPR registered and up to date on all
shots/wormings. We will have our vet check him out
before he goes to his new home. We are currently
taking deposits on this litter.

New litter-2 females, ready 10/25. They will
be small. They are CPR registered and will be
up to date on all shots and wormings. Our vet
will check them out before they go to their new
home. We are currently taking deposits on this




We do not ship our puppies but will travel partway
(not 1/2 way) to meet you if possible and if our schedule
allows. Sometimes we also work with ground shippers.

The Snorkie is a cross between a Miniature
Schnauzer and Yorkie. They can resemble
either, although they usually look somewhat
more like the Miniature Schnauzer in the face.
Some people who are not familiar with this
cross breed will think a Snorkie is a small
Miniature Schnauzer with the ears not cropped,
especially if the coloration is that of a Mini-
ature Schnauzer. They are a good small
companion with the best qualities of both
breeds. They make a good pet for someone
who is living in a small apartment because
they are very small. They make good watch
dogs and will alert their owner when a
stranger shows up. They love attention and
are good lap dogs.
The ears are not cropped as they are on
the Miniature Schnauzer but the tails are
They are usually small like the Yorkie,
weighing 10 pounds or less.
The hair coat on most Snorkies is a little
longer than the Miniature Schnauzer but
not as long as Yorkie. The color of the
coat can be any of the colors in either
Snorkies can be clipped in a cut similiar
to the Miniature Schnauzer. This style of
grooming looks very cute on them! A
Snorkie will shed very little.
There are not allot of Snorkies around
and we breed Snorkie to Snorkie. The
grandparents of our puppies were full
blooded registered Yorkies and Miniature
Schnauzers. We hand picked the pups
with the best qualities for breeding the


Below are some pictures of past Snorkie puppies.
These are the most adorable and loving babies ever!!!!
Macie's Black & Tan Female-she is very playful and friendly. SOLD !Macie's White Male-He is a fiesty litle guy ! Sold to Bobbie in Murfreesoboro,AR.Ziva-past Snorkie female pup.
Macie's Runt Male-He will be 6-8 lbs.SOLD.  
Sheila's bigger male-he has a thicker haircoat and favors the Yorkies also but not as much as his brother. SOLD!!!Pretty Girl's female-sold to Amy in AR.
Millie's F#3-she is the smallest girl.Millie's M#1-he is the runt of the litter! SOLD to Jeff in TX. 
Snorkie Female #1 "Princess" light salt/pepper, she is the runt. SOLD to Morgan in Richmond VA.Snorkie Female #3 "Lady" salt/pepper-SOLD to Randy in Hot Springs Village,AR.Snorkie Male-Sold to Donna in KY!
Sheila's F#1 (honey gold) She has the Yorkie babydoll face!SOLD!Sheila's F#2 (salt/pepper) She has the Yorkie babydoll face also!SOLD!!!Sheila's M#1-SOLD to Tammi in AR.
Sheila's F31-tinySheila's F#1 
Precious' FemalePrecious' Female-SOLD!!Precious' Female-SOLD!!
Jay Jay-one of our Snorkie males.
He is tiny.
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